Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Gangs All Here

Yesterday(Saturday) all of my extended family came over to my grandparents home to meet Will... He was, as always, the entertainment for the afternoon! Cousin Brock was Will's favorite source of entertainment. He's so funny... By the end of the night Will was exhausted from all of the playing.

This morning we went to church with my grandparents. It is a small church with a little nursery so we kept Will with us and needless to say Grammy was in the church foyer with him before the offertory! :)

This is Will's first time being away from Daddy, and you can tell that he is missing him. He is crawling to any male that walks into the room wanting them to play with him... Will is such a trooper though. He has met family member after family member and played with stranger after stranger the last several days! We are blessed with such a wonderful family who we miss seeing. We think of you guys often!...

Great-Grandma talking to Will... Look how dark those legs are getting!

Mom and her sister Aunt Cathy

My cousin Brock

Mom's brother Uncle Rusty and his wife Sue

Was a cute outfit and just couldn't resist posting it for all to see!... :)

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