Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Belly Photos

Well, I am in my final trimester! On Sunday Riley and I hit week 29 and as of today are only 75 days from July 27th. She now weighs over 2 1/2 pounds - similar to a butternut squash - and about 15 inches long. Her head is sitting at the top of my abdomen and regularly pushed up into my ribs, while her kicking near my bladder often catches me off guard and sends me running! :) Sleeping is happening less and less... :) But I am still thrilled to be blessed enough to experience pregnancy and all that goes along with it!

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allilaney said...

Hey Girl!
You look SO cute! I hadn't checked in on you for a while. Will is getting so big. We are so excited for y'all and hope these last couple of months are great! Can't wait to see that little girlie! Are y'all going to the SBC in Indy? We will be there. I need to e-mail your mom! Glad all is well in KY!
Allison Laney

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