Friday, May 2, 2008

Bowling With The Staff

We were able to spend time with our church staff this evening. We all went bowling and then out for ice cream! Blake and I feel blessed to serve with a staff that we enjoy so much!
The Ring Family

Grammy-Mom-Jaylynn(pastor's wife) and Will spinning

Beth(preschool director), Jeff(associate pastor), and Julie(youth minister's wife)

Jim(music minister)

Blake(evangelism and college age minister) and Phillip(singles and missions minister)


Brock and Leah

What Jeff lacks in pins he makes up in personality:)

1 comment:

Cherie <> said...

How fun! I miss y'all so much! It's not very common anymore to find a church staff full of awesome people. We have some great Pastors at our church down here, but some have a bit of an attitude as well. Maybe I should move back :).

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