Tuesday, May 6, 2008

John's Birthday Evening

Today was John's 21st birthday and our whole family went out to dinner to celebrate! We went to Shoguns Japanese Steakhouse... As is John's birthday tradition. This year was especially entertaining with Will along for dinner - He was completely entertained by the flipping and the fire and the throwing of knives! There was also some Wii play time after dessert! :)
Happy Birthday John!
Did they hire a chef or a comedian?
Will was mystified by the chef!
Blake and I
John and Mom
Will was sitting next to Mommy and Daddy, but got moved before he got into trouble... Granmmy and Grandpa to the rescue!
Birthday Boy and the Folks
Will loved his dessert
Missippi Mud Pie... John's dessert of choice
The boys playing with the Wii

Now that they are bigger then him, Dad had to find a new way to give his sons a beat down

John's birthday card from Mom and Dad - The Office

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