Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Visit to Solomon's Porch

This past weekend, I made the haul to Minneapolis, MN to do some research for my dissertation on the Emerging Church Movement (which is set for release in 2014!). I visited Solomon's Porch whose pastor is Doug Pagitt. One can argue that Doug Pagitt is the person most responsible for the birth of the movement.
Here is a picture of Doug and I at "The Original Pancake House." Tony Jones, a good friend of Doug's and the head of Emergent Village, also joined us as we discussed their postmodern theology. I think we agreed the food was good, but that's about all we agreed on! With that said, I found Doug and Tony to be gracious and kind.
Solomon's Porch gathers in an old United Methodist Church that has a lot of character.
The sanctuary is unique in its set up. The pews have been replaced with couches, recliners, and stools.

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