Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Belly Photos - 35 weeks

Well... We are nearing the end! Down to 33 days till Riley's due date and the Ring family can't wait to meet our newest addition! She is weighing in at over 5 pounds now! And I thought that 4 was alot... :) Thankfully, she has run out of room to turn and is stuck now, though that doesn't keep her from kicking!

Blake and I have finished all of our classes - Except for my breast feeding class which I take ALONE next week. :) I begin my weekly doctor visits next week, which I am actually excited about! It means that the end is coming! There has not very much sleeping going on for me at night - between the bathroom trips:) and uncomforable honeydew melon in front of me.

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The Yates' said...

I was excited when I started my weekly visits until i kept gettin the "no you are not dialated" report every time... hopefully you will dialate and have better hopes of her coming on her own! It is getting so close I can not believe it!

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