Thursday, June 19, 2008

Belly Photos - Week 33 and 34

Well, I was without a computer all of last week and much of this week so updates on Riley are a little delayed.

Week 33: Riley weighs over 4 pounds and can be compared in size to a pineapple.

Week 33
Week 33

Week 34: As of today there is only 38 days until Riley's due date! This week she weighs about 4 3/4 pounds(think cantelope) and is 18 inches long! I have noticed the last few days that she is lowering and as of today, she dropped ALOT! :) The Ring family is all set for Riley's arrival! The clothes are washed. The crib bedding is on. The hospital bag is packed... Can't wait to meet you sweet little girl...

1 comment:

Cherie <> said...

How exciting! I want to see pictures as soon as you can get them on here after she's born!!!

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