Monday, June 2, 2008

New Bows For Riley

I would have never expected Riley to have enough hair to wear a bow, until a friend brought her daughter to church with a "brilliant bow" in her hair. They are the smallest bows and clips I have ever seen! The designer of these adorable bows is actually a friend of mine and she does a wonderful job. I got my first order in today and cannot wait to see them in Riley's hair. And she only needs about 2 or 3 pieces to be able to hold them! :) I had little hair until I was about 2 years old so... Sorry Riley!

Riley is going to be sporting her Daddy's alumni colors early on!
You can customize the two colors!
The card is only a traditional business card in size - That is how small the bows are!
The tiny baby clips that require only about 2 hairs!

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