Friday, June 27, 2008

Pregnancy Update...

Well tonight I had my first contraction. I had felt nasty/sick all day and experiencing increasingly closer and stronger Braxton Hick Contractions... By this evening I was experiencing painful contractions every twenty minutes or so. After reading labor and false labor symptoms in WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOUR EXPECTING, Blake and I decided to go grocery shopping and see if the contractions worsened or slowed down. Sadly, by the time we returned home they had quit completely. False labor contractions... I visit the doctor on Tuesday for my first invasive appointment so I guess that we will know soon enough if anything is happening.

We can't wait to meet you Riley!

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Florida Poppop said...

Dear Lid,

We can't wait to meet Riley up close and personnally - and Scooch and of course the rest of you folks. We search your blog each day to get our updates on what is happening in the Ring family. Keep us posted about the doctor's visit and Blake's school papers.

We love you all,

Grams and Gramps

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