Sunday, July 20, 2008

1st Week With a House of 4!

Well, last week was a busy week in the Ring household!

After coming home from the hospital on Tuesday, Blake's parents returned home. We were so appreciative of them! They kept Will for 2 nights and enteretained him from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon. Will was sad to see his Gigi and Papa leave.

Tuesday afternoon went pretty smoothly... I was unable to hardly walk, so my mom and dad came over for the afternoon/evening to help out and allow Blake to go to bed for a few hours. For the next few days mom and Jessica came over by 10.00 every morning and stayed till dinner. I have no idea what we would have done without them!

Blake has had a summer class and worked so hard to finish his major paper before Riley's birth, but with her early arrival wasn't able to get it finished before she came... So poor Blake spent much of Thursday and Friday working on his paper.

Saturday was my 23rd birthday and my wonderful parents kept BOTH kiddos so that Blake could take me to lunch. We dropped them off at lunch time, I fed Riley, and then we ran to the van! Blake and I enjoyed 2 entire hours to ourselves... Honestly, we both looked forward to returning to pick up our children though.

We rounded out Riley's first week by taking her to church on Sunday night... She was of course the entertainment for the evening and was flooded with new people who wanted to meet her! We are so blessed with a supportive church home...

There were alot of tears(mainly Will and Riley, though I shed some)... Little sleep... No privacy... Lots of company... Moments of terror :)... And an overwhelming sense of thankfulness and undeserving. Who are we that God would shower such goodness?...

Will sharing kisses with little sister Riley

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