Monday, July 14, 2008

The Big Brother and The Little Sister

Yesterday Riley had to spend much of the day in the hospital nursery under observation for some symptoms... So when Will came to visit us at the hospital she was only in the room for about 10 minutes. He was so preoccupied by his uncles, both sents of Grandparents, his Uncle Daustin and Aunt Jessica, and Rocky(who he loves because he lets him get away with anything!) :) and Suzanne Clark... Today when Will came up, Blake and I made sure that the room was kept uneventful and boring so that he could meet his little sister.

It was so precious... When he came in I was holding Riley and he came running over and stopped dead in his tracks when he realized that I was holding a baby. :) He did wonderful of course, though he would pat her then want to be held by whoever was holding her! Blake and I were thrilled to get to have both of our children in the same room, looking at one another.

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