Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pregnancy Update - 37 Week Visit

I went in for my 37 week visit today... Not as smooth as last week. I developed a headache about a week ago that has stuck with me almost all day, every day for the past 7 days. With it has come nausea and exhaustion and just a general sense of yuckiness. On Tuesday they had me come in for a blood pressure check, but determined that everything was fine even though it was elevated. Today my blood pressure was still elevated and the doctor that I saw was a little alarmed. I was sent for blood work and told to limit my activity until Monday, when I go back in for another appointment.

The doctor warned me that she is concerned that I am in the beginning stages of preeclampsia. I am going to be limiting my activity to see if that doesn't help to lower it, but if it is not doing significantly better by Monday, I think that we will be meeting Riley in the beginning of the week!

There was some progression in my dialtation - Cervix is soft and beginning to thin. Slow moving, but enough that if Riley doesn't come next week there is a strong possibility that they will induce the week of the 20th.

Oh yes... And my Group B Strep test came back positive. Of Course... I'm going to be recieving a bag or two of penticillin in my IV during labor to protect Riley from the virus...

Please keep myself and Riley in your prayers this weekend... Especially Riley. Blake and I can not wait to meet our sweet little girl.

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