Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 Ryder Cup

Last week, Grandad Riley drove down (or more accurately "across") from Effingham to attend a practice round at the Ryder Cup, which was held in Louisville last week. Here is a picture of us standing on the fairway of hole #13, which is known for its small island green.

Here is a picture of Samuel Ryder. He was unable to attend the event due to death.

The Ryder Cup (which is not sponsored by the Ryder moving company as my friend Daustin thought) started in 1927 as a competition between the best players in England and the best players in America. Because the Americans dominated the Englishman so much, the format changed in 1977, so now the Americans compete against all of Europe. Below is a picture of both teams walking to the stage during the opening ceremony. Paul Azinger, in the black suit, leads the American team out while Nick Faldo, in the blue suit, leads the European team.

Here is a picture of my favorite player Jim Furyk.

Phil Mickelson, along with the rest of the players, were really good about signing autographs on hats, balls, signs, and body parts. I'm never washing my left elbow!

I was proud that Steve Stricker made the team. He is an alum of the University of Illinois. I didn't get a good picture of Steve so I've posted the only evidence I have.

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