Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

A dear friend recently sent me this picture through a text message. I opened it and immediately recognized my childhood home... This was the first home my parents ever owned. This was the home I had my first slumber party in. This was the home I grew up in. I remember the day my parents planted every single one of these trees you see. I see the set of middle windows and wish that I could look through them and see my old bedroom. My memory wanders to stories of play days with my childhood best friend, Ashley, who lived a block away. To the brunches where students filled our home. I laugh as I think about the brothel pink my dad accidentally painted our living room(Mom made him fix it that day!). My heart feels so happy as I look at this picture. The Lord blessed me with a lifetime of wonderful memories in this home... Who says you can't go home? This picture does that for me.

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