Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Riley Update

Riley was diagnosed with a UTI infection a month and ago and was immediately scheduled for multiple tests due to the fact they a UTI is extremely uncommon in infants. The day finally came for the tests to be run and so Blake and I spent about 4 hours at Kosairs Children's Hospital this morning with our precious baby girl.

After waiting about 1 1/2 hours we were finally called back and a 30 minute ultrasound of her kydneys and bladder was performed. Riley did us proud! :) She smiled and laughed and chatted with the kind tech. Not a single tear or whine even though she was laying on a huge table with cold jelly being spread around on her belly. Her second test was not so much fun. The test involved a catheter and babies are not huge fans of those. :) (I guess that humans in general aren't fans of them.) The nurse took us into an x-ray room and they inserted the catheter and then we waited about 20 minutes(forever when you are trying to keep her from wiggling it out) for the doctor to come in to administer the 20 minute test. They filled Riley's bladder with a substance with dye in it and then watched how her bladder relieved it... Unfortunately for Riley it didn't go so well. We then had to wander back to the ultrasound room, because the computer lost the images and they had to redo the entire 30 minute process... She was not so chatty this time around. I can't believe that she napped after all of the suger water she took in while we attempted to keep her calm... :) Definitely ask for that if you ever end up with your infant at the children's hospital!

The Results: When Riley's bladder empties, some of it goes up into her kydneys. This can cause urinary tract infections(been there, done that), bladder infections, and permanent kydney damage. This can happen on one side or both.
The Severity: Riley has reflux on both sides of her bladder. The doctor that administered the test made it clear that it wasn't going to clear up over night. She used the word "surgery", though my understanding is they give it several years to correct itself before they go that route.
The Treatment: Riley is be placed(probably tomorrow) on low dose antibiotics for an extended period of time. This will help to sterilize the bacteria in her urine that causes the infections. They will retest Riley every year and until the test shows that it has corrected itself or she has surgery she will remain in the antibiotics - Doctor mentioned 4 or 5 years of age probably.

I will receive a call from the pediatrician tomorrow to discuss the plan and share with us the results of the ultrasound - Will update after that happens. Blake and I are so thankful for doctors who think to test an infants urine when it is so uncommon for a baby to have a UTI... for tests that diagnose... and medicine that will keep children healthy. All comes from God... Praise be to him for his graciousness.


The Petty's said...


Thank you so much for the detailed update. The Grandma in me is somewhat calmer. Continue to love and guide your children as you have begun. We will continue to pray for the correct direction from the doctors and from God.

Joyce Petty (Blake's OLD Sunday School teacher. Jr. High, his better years..............:) )

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

aww poor baby girl! I will be praying for you and her-I can't imagine the kind of money you'll be putting into those antibiotics over the years. I will pray for a miraculous healing because we all know surgery is even more expensive. Miss you guys, you're in my heart and prayers always!

Jaimie said...

We just took Claire to Peyton Manning's Children's hospital yesterday for her one year check up on her kidney reflux...i blogged about it yesterday too. Anyways, long story short, Claire still has not grown out of her's and will remain on the antibiotics for another year when then will do the ultra sound and xrays again. I'm so glad Blake was there with you for the tests. Mommies should not go thru that alone! I'll be praying for Riley to have a "good reaction" to her med and grow out of all this quickly! I'll be praying for you too mom :)

Jaimie Zettterberg

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Sorry to hear that. But thank God for treatment! - Holly

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