Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Will

Saturday was Will's 2nd birthday! We celebrated with lunch at McDonalds - Chicken Nuggets and fries! Grammy, Grandpa, Uncle John, and Uncle Paul joined our family for the afternoon! As soon as Will saw me get out the Cars Themes plates and napkins he had to have one of each and carried them around all day! :) After lunch there was present opening and then a brief nap time! :) To avoid alot of sugar before naptime, we put off cake cutting until after! Will was blessed with wonderful gifts that he spent the evening playing with. It was definitely a "Cars" birthday with a cake, new shoes, birthday accessories, and an assortment of themed toys. I definitely think that his favorite birthday gift is his ball pit from Uncle Daustin and Aunt Jessica! It is certainly not mommy's! :) There are balls all over our home!... But the look he gets on his face when he runs and jmumps face first into it makes the hours spent picking the balls up well worth it! Blake and I feel so very blessed to have this beautiful, precious 2 year old as our son!

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