Thursday, February 5, 2009

i grew up in florida. i believe that it has this... this smell... this smell that makes me feel at home.
i am complicated. enough said.
i loved my childhood, was content with my teenage years, and believe that the best is yet to come! i want my children to love their childhood the way i did.
i love to cook but don't enjoy eating that much. i hate to clean, but i love a clean home!
i can be easily pleased.
i am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. jeans, t-shirt, and flip-flops!
i have only fallen in love once. luckily he loved me back. :)
a coke icee can make me content.
i don't trust people very easily.
i love to lay out in the sun. i don't really like getting wet.
if i wasn't being a wife and mother?... well i don't like to think about that so i don't.
i think that when i have a yard i would like to garden.
my middle name is grace. i think it is my favorite word. maybe tied with hope.
i have sand and shells all over my house... they just don't smell the same though!
i love taylor swift and colbie caillat and jason reeves.
i hate change. but love to think about the future. can you do both?
i think that love is permanent. i don't believe that you can just fall out of it.
i love christmas! trees. lights. cinnamon. what could be better?
i think that i want at least 5 kids! and yes i already have some. :)
i play the piano when i am stressed. i believe music heals the soul.
my family is my all-time favorite people. they make life so much better then i ever imagined it could be.
i have wonderful friends... they make life easier.
i drive a mini van.
i love chips and dips.
i used to be a black and white person. i think that i am beginning to fall in love with color, though!
i am a quick decision maker.
i want a beach house one day... its that smell.

1 comment:

The Murphys said...

I'll trade you the smell of Florida for the smell of snow.
Seriously though, I love it when I'm doing something boring, like driving to Wal*mart with the windows down, and all of the sudden I catch a breeze with the smell of the beach on it. It's wonderful. I totally understand why you would miss living here. Even though there's no snow, I love it here!

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