Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Other Gods

Blake is doing a youth retreat for a friend's youth group this weekend. Mom and Dad have the kids and we are in western Kentucky staying at Jonathan's Creek Camp... Trey(youth minister) is married to my best friend from college - Hannah! We are enjoying the short amount of time we have already been here!
Our Marriott Style bed... :)
No getting up in the middle of the night with kiddos though.
Our Very Luke-Warm Shower!!!
(I would say cold - Blake says lukewarm)

Blake and Trey figuring out some powerpoint stuff - In the end I fixed it for them! :)

My friend Hannan doing her team song - We sat that one out! :)

We miss you Kiddos!!!

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The Petty's said...

Everyone needs away time. Kids, parents and grandparents. The ones worst for wear, will be the parents. Grandparents and kids do great. You will have withdrawal symptoms. Trust me, they do return. Enjoy your time for growth.

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