Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Update - 22 weeks

Well, Emery and I have 22 1/2 weeks behind us! I feel as if I am much smaller with her at this point then I was with Riley. I am thinking that 2 active children as opposed to one who was barely crawling is the difference. Our little girl is supposedly about the length of a carrot(10 inches), though I have been poking and pushing her around and can't quiet figure out where all of she is! :)

Emery and I have made 5 doctors(only 1 scheduled) visits in the past 6 weeks... 2 were actually trips to the labor and delivery wings of the both Baptist East and Norton Suburban. Blake and I have become quite used to getting to closely watch her growth and progress through the ultrasounds they have run. So far I am allowed to carry on as I have the past 6 weeks... At my last visit this past week(unscheduled and while Blake was still in Ecuador!), I was given the good news that I am still not softening or dialating, but the disruptive news that she thinks in a few wks or HOPEFULLY months that will change. Many have asked what will happen at that point and while I was given a brief picture I honestly don't have much of an idea. I didn't ask and I don't want to know right now - We will cross that bridge when and if we come to it.

My baby girl is becoming quite active and I feel her pretty often now. I guess all of those 10 inches are in there! :) Heartburn, exhaustion, backpain... all of the typical stuff has accompanied this pregnancy! What a blessing they are to carry though. Blake and I have to give a "shout out" to my parents - They have been amazing and I seldom have a day where I go the entire 9 hours Blake is gone without help. Emery is deeply endebted to them, as are we.

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The Yates' said...

you look great Lydia... praying it is october before you start dialating!

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