Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Few Things For Emery

I can't believe I am buying baby clothes again! And "newborn" baby clothes at that... They are sososo tiny!

With baby #1 I was buying clothes before we even had Will's referrel. :) With baby #2 we went out right after our 18 week ultrasound and began purchasing girl clothes(and even had a few neutrals before the ultrasound)... Poor Emery. Baby #3 FINALLY got her first few things this week. I went out Sunday afternoon at 24 weeks and bought Emery a few items. I was given alot of advice with Riley not to purchase newborn items and then Riley ended up wearing them for 2 months! :) My mom met us at home when we left the hospital with a huge Babies R Us bag with some newborn clothes in them since I did not have 1 single item that didn't fall off of her! Even if she doesn't wear them for long, at least Emery has something to fit her when she comes home!

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