Saturday, September 19, 2009

35 Weeks!

Update: I began having alot of pressure yesterday. The contractions stayed about the same but the pressure definitely intensified when I was having one. I think that Emery is still laying sideways so hopefully that is keeping me from dialating. Today the contractions are stronger, painful, and brought on more easily. I am not sure that we will make it to next Saturday, but we are trying!

The good news is that I hit 35 weeks today! Every day has made a difference, but hitting 35 weeks gives us a great chance that Emery will completely avoid NICU. *Pause for contraction* The bad news is that Emery is still laying sideways in my belly. Pray she flips and a c-section can be avoided.

Blessing: Last night my brother called and said he was coming home for the night and was worried that the flu was coming on. The kids were already in bed and Blake and I were sitting on the couch. My husband and parents all agreed that I did not need the stomach flu and loaded me up to go to our condo for the night. If my brother was really sick then Blake would come back early in the morning and pick up the kids for another night and if not we would come back in the morning... Mom called a few hours later to say they didn't think he actually had the flu, but was simply veryvery tired and ate something, so to sleep in and come back closer to lunch. What a blessing - Well, I slept the same because I have contractions all night and I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have to take medication every 4 hours. Blake slept 10 HOURS straight though... I think that is the longest he has slept at one time since Riley joined our family 14 months ago! No excuses for grouchiness today! :) We have been attempting to train Riley to sleep all night without us having to come in and find her paci and we have had some very long nights on top of everything else.... So my husband needed some rest! We arrived back at mom and dad's around 10am, feeling much more rested - and to the good news that Riley slept 12 hrs only waking 2 times for not more then a minute or so. REFRESHING!

How good and faithful is the God we serve...

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