Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hold on emery!

As you all know, Emery has caused alot of drama in our family and we have not even had the privilege of meeting her yet! :) I'm writing this short update from my hospital bed... Night 2 at Baptist East - and hopefully our last until Em is allowed to join us.

For the last 2 weeks I have noticed that my activity level has had to be lessened more and more to keep myself from having contractions or to control the ones I have had every day. Even with the oral medication I found myself having to be finished for the day not long after lunch. This Sunday our service at Ninth and O Baptist was such a blessing to me, but I spent the entire worship and fellowship time in the same chair, contracting much of the time. It continued off and on all day and by late evening even being still was not putting an end to them, but they miraculously ended right before I was about to call the doctor.

Labor Day I spent on the couch at my parents and really spent less then an hour standing the entire day... The contractions began around lunch and were very random and sparatic until about 3.30pm... I spent over an hr and a half sitting still but the contractions reached under 5 minutes apart and were painful so one call later and we found ourselves on the way to the hospital for a shot to stop the contractions.

After the shot and a quick check, the nurse determined that I was a good 2 cent dialated and 70% efaced... Not great considering I was 33 wks and 2 days along. The doctor decided to keep us in order to do a few steroid shots for Emery's lung developement and it was a blessing that she did because I ended up receiving shots all night to keep the contractions under control.

They did an ultrasound this morning to scan her weight and check out Emery's development. They determined that she weighed 4 lbs 14 ounces so she is doing pretty well in her growth, but with the contractions they didn't allow me to go home today. I ended up needing multiple shots this morning and afternoon for the contractions... This evening has been much, much better and I have just taken my 2nd dose of oral medication not requiring one or even 2 shots in addition!

They want to do 1 additional ultrasound in the morning and then I am hoping they will allow me to go home! I know that I am headed home to strict bedrest, but at least I will be home with my children. Alot is up in the air until tomorrow morning when we see the doctor.

Super greatful for my parents for caring for our children! And for offering for us to stay with them when I am able to come home...


The Petty's said...

You and the family are in our prayers. It will be worth it..

Brooke and Brian said...

Will be praying for your family and your little one as well!

The Murphys said...

Praying for you guys! Stay put Emery!

Marsha said...

Praying for you guys and Emery.

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