Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, I was up basically all night Sunday night with pressure, cramping, and fairly regular contractions. I called the dr Monday morning and they had me come in immediately to check and see if I was dialating. No further progress... Which is good news. Emery is still too little for them to feel comfortable enough to let her come. After an ultrasound I was sent home to lay down and hope that the contractions let up.

The results of the ultrasound showed that everything looked good. They estimate that she weighs about 5 1/2 pounds and is laying transverse. My dr sat us down after the ultrasound to tell us exactly what this meant: Emery is laying sideways in my belly instead of head down as they would expect at this point. While she could still flip into position, the chances are becoming slim due to her growing size, my small stomach, and basically she has laid this way almost the entire pregnancy and it just seems to be her preference. She discussed our options with us and gave us till my appointment next week to decide.

Options: Basically if I go into labor before she flips a c-section is inevitable. If we make it off of bedrest next Thursday with Em still cooking in here, then they will schedule 1 of 2 things - An external version or a c-section. Dr didn't seem too thrilled about the ECV. She explained the risks and it sounded far too stressful for Blake and I at this point in the game. This pregnancy has been stressful enough. We are going to opt for a scheduled c-section.

I actually feel pretty good about having a c-section. I had a terrible recovery from Riley's vaginal delivery. I have several friends and my own mother who has had c-sections and recovered well.

We know that God is in control and protecting our baby girl. My dr is still in shock that despite all of the issues that have come up, Emery has remained healthy and growing at a fairly normal rate. They would like Emery to weigh a little more before she come which is why she has me down for another 10 days.


Kristy said...

Praying for you, Lydia! You're right, c-sections aren't bad. This will be my third.
We serve a pretty amazing and powerful God! Looking forward to sharing with joy the mercies of our Lord when little Emery comes! He is taking such good care of her!
Love you,

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

Praying for you all. I was out the day they passed around the sign up sheet to bring meals or I definitely would have signed up!

The Marshmans said...

be encouraged. I know that your situation is a bit different but at 37 weeks I had an ultrasound with Henry and they said he would be 7 1/2 lb... he was 8 lb 15 oz. We too are praying and know that all things will come together!

The Yates' said...

They told us at 36 weeks that Averi was barely 5pnds according to the ultrasound, she was born at 38 weeks and was 7.2 oz... Im with Rachel Marshman be encouraged you never know how these things will go!

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