Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Update

Well, Im writing yet another update from my hospital bed. :(

My hemoglobin levels are still extremely low. They dropped yesterday to 5.5... Today they came up a little bit to 5.9, but the hemotologist is still not comfortable sending me home. The levels are too dangerous he said. I will have more IV iron today along with a B12 shot(apparantly I am missing alot of B12) and tomorrow will be the same - Whether I am released or not. I will continue therapy at the doctors office 3 times next week and every Monday for the following 4 weeks.

The good news... GREAT news... is it that Emery would have been released today had her mommy been able to go home! She put on 1 1/2 ounces in the last 24 hours! Can you believe that 30-35 cc's equals a full belly for her? Emery has been nursing for about 5 minutes and then taking somewhere around 25 cc's of formula. Her billirubin(sp?) count was the same last 2 days and barely down today, but neo-natologist was pleased that it hadn't gone up any further. They took her off of the phototherapy since we are here for another day to see if her eating picks up. If there is no improvement in the levels we will be sent home with a photo-therapy blanket for a day or two.

Blake spent much of yesterday and today at home with Will and Riley. Last night they even spent the night at the condo. This has been difficult for them(as you would expect) and we figured that getting them on some sort of schedule might help... Both children have had to be put to sleep last few nights due to hysteria when they are left and Will has taken to waking up several times a night and wanting to sleep in bed with either Mimi and Papa or Daddy... When that isn't allowed he has to be laid with until he goes back to sleep. I am taking comfort in the fact that at 2 1/2 and 1, neither children will have memory of the last few months.

Blake is precious... He is at my beck and call and willing to do whatever I ask of him. We both feel that the children need him there and Emery has needed me here(and now I need her here)... But I miss him. It was hard to have to be alone this morning when I heard that I am still in the danger zone and unable to go home to Will and Riley. But I am so greatful that I have no worries about the job he is doing as a father with my 2 kids at home! I am so blessed...

My parents are wonderful. They have kept the children whenever I have needed or just wanted Blake to be with me. They have made trips to the park, mall, and the really exhausting trips to the hospital so I can visit the kids. They have spent alot of time visiting with me at the hospital on those evenings Blake has been home with the kids... And of course, mom has provided help with diaper changings and bottle feedings! :)

Well, please continue to pray that Emery and I will be able to go home soon - tomorrow preferrably! And for Blake, the kids, and my parents... We are ALL exhausted and ready to begin working on what will be the new normal!

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MoDLin said...

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! You have a beautiful family.

Sorry to hear you're still dealing with low hemoglobin. It will improve over time. Just be very careful not to over do it! Best wishes to all five of you.

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