Monday, November 23, 2009

a daughter after her mommys own heart

I am a girlie-girl. I love frills. I love jewelry. I love make-up. And I LOVE having a daughter that loves the same things(well she is too young for make-up!)!!!
I have recently begun putting Riley's hair in pigtails and she sits perfectly still for me to do them.
She loves shoes and as soon as I pull them out she plops on her bottom for me to put them on her.
In the above picture she is wearing a necklace and bracelet that belong to Mommy, but she regularly claims them as her own.

When I pulled these shoes out of the bag she came running saying "OOOOHHH!".


The Petty's said...

Enjoy her. They sure do grow up fast. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Yates' said...

I think averi has those same silver shoes... target? she wears them all the time, even at home when she is hanging out in nothing but a diaper

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