Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Months Old

Each addition to our home has meant fewer updates for each child. Poor Emery! Emery is 3 1/2 months old and Blake and I have discussed that we can hardly remember life before her!

Emery is absolutely precious... The epitomy of what you need your third child to be. She is often content for me to just move her from room to room in her bouncy seat. She has recently even allowed us to put her down for her naps and night sleep by simply her in her cradle! She naps fairly well - though I can't seem o get her to want to sleep when her sister and brother take their afternoon nap :) She goes to bed bed between 8-9 every night and sleeps for 12 hours so I can't complain! Emery's eating is picking up and she is eating 5 ounces a few times a day! Still eating every 3 hours but going about 5 hours at night.

At a dr. appt last week Emery weighed 11 pounds... I regularly find myself staring at her 11 pounds and dreaming about her next 11 years. Emery is content. She smiles all of the time! I am unbelievably in love with this small bundle.


The Petty's said...

The last picture of Emery posted is across from the picture of Riley in the tub. Hard to tell them apart. Enjoy them. They are so precious.

The Culbertsons said...

Lydia, your babies are precious! I think that Riley looks like Blake and Emery looks like you! How blessed you are with your 3 bundles of joy!

~Dianna Culbertson

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