Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Will

It is hard to believe, but I prayed for our son on the day he was born. I didn’t know what he looked like. I didn’t know how much he weighed. I didn’t know what time he took his first breath… But I knew to pray for him. I prayed for him everyday from the time we began the adoption process, but in January I knew that was the month we would receive our referrel and so I knew that was the month my son would be born. I knew that was the month that my life… that Blake and my life together, would change forever.

Will was born at 35 weeks. He was a mere 5 pounds. That is about all I will ever be able to tell him about the details of what happened in Guatemala City, Guatemala on January 10, 2007.

But here in Louisville, Kentucky on January 10, 2007 I was praying for him! I was praying for the woman carrying him. I was praying he would be healthy. Blake and I were talking about him. Everyday. Constantly. Wondering what he would be like. Mild mannered? Out going? Wondering what he would like. Sports or music? Momma or daddy(definitely a daddy’s boy!)?

William Thomas… How he has grown this past year!

Things that are the same: He loves his daddy. He loves to play outside – He would seriously stay outside all day long! He has a tremendous memory and visit a place once and he points and reminds you every time you pass it after that. He still has a strange fascination with fans. Will adores one on one time which I love – Makes me feel needed!

Things that are different: He used to slowly mosey along… This year he began to RUN everywhere! He used to be quiet and we would go hours without hearing a word out of him… This year he began babbling and actually talking. It is coming slowly, but it is coming! He is learning sign language. He loves the Signing Time Videos and has mastered about 30 different signs that he incorporates into his language everyday. He became a brother for the second time and loves Emery as much as he adores Riley. Will is becoming more coordinated and is showing a fascination with t-ball!

Will is compassionate. He is loving and gentle. He is a long list of things that I wish I was…

I can’t tell him that my body labored for hours with him. But I can tell him that my heart labored in prayer… my mind labored with thoughts of him on the day he was born. I hope that will be enough for him. It is for me.

The earliest picture we were given on Will

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Megan said...

What a wonderful story to pass along to your Will! How old was he when you brought him home?

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