Friday, April 9, 2010

A Fireplace

Our New Fireplace

I have always wanted one. I grew up in Florida so not many of us had them. We often spent Christmas in shorts so there was little use.

When we moved to Kentucky there were two things we children begged for in our new home - And we were pretty sure dad was would give them to us since he moved us from the only home we had ever known. :)... A basement(we don't have those in Florida either-to much water) and a fireplace. We got both. :)

A fireplace says home to me... It means warmth. It means light. It means cuddles. :)

Blake and I looked at a few homes with no fireplaces, but I wanted one so badly! One of the many things that made our new home perfect for us is it has a FIREPLACE! We are 2 weeks from moving in and I am at a loss for how to decorate it! Modern? Painted brick? Sea-Shore inspired?

May I share a few photos that inspire me? Would you vote for your favorite? Perhaps it will lead me in direction I am to go...

Fireplace #1
This fireplace is one of the MANY that I came across when searching HGTV's sight for some inspiration. I figured, it is my favorite channel(tied with Food Network) so of course I would love the websight. It had wonderful photos and ideas! I love the formality of the sconces in this photo.

Fireplace #2
John and Sherry are pretty good at the decorating thing. I love their blog. I LOVE their home! I love this fireplace! I love painted brick!

Fireplace #3
This is the family room of the blogger 3 men and a lady... I adore her style! Perhaps a little modern for my taste normally, but perhaps a change is in order? What do you think?

Ok - VOTE PLEASE! And please let me know if you have any fabulous fireplace hearths to share!


Treasuring Christ in Downtown Raleigh said...

I'm partial to the first one - the one that has the bookcases on either side. That's my vote :)

The Marshmans said...

The first one seems to fit the style of your house more, but not sure how it would look if you only painted the fireplace/bookcases and not all of the wood trim you have around the room.... I do like the simplicity and clean-nes of the 2nd a lot and the colors are fantastic. The third one feels a bit bare and cold.... So there you go :) fun times ahead!

The Petersen Family said...

#2 for sure :)

The Yates' said...

Im likeing number two!

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

My personal fav is #2 but the others are pretty also. We have a brick fireplace (that I want to do more with eventually...) and I used something specifically designed to tint bricks. You can still see the brick color but it is now more of a beige-ish color. I like it. One thing to keep in mind about the brick is when you go to sell your house. My Dad brought this to mind when I was deciding what to do with ours. He said he hates painted brick and once it is painted it is painted. I chose the tint because it could be sanded of or tinted an even more natural brick color. Just a thought. Some people don't worry too much about future buyers. Take picts when you get moved in and decorate. I know it will be beautiful.

Leah said...

I love painted brick!!

While I don't love everything about the last one, I do love the empty antique looking frame above the piano and the shelves w/pictures. Maybe it's the mix of modern/traditional?

I'm sure whatever you end up doing will be fab. Can't wait to see!

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