Friday, April 2, 2010

it's just 3 words...

but to blake and i it is so much more.

"i did that."

it is 3 words we did not teach him to put together. it is recognition of his accomplishment. it is 3 words!

will has struggled with his speech... he is 3 and seldom says more then 1 word at a time. he is capable of putting 2 words together, but seldom does. and i can never remember him putting 3 together. we always have to make him repeat phrases 1 word at a time.

will has been a trouper through several months of testing and evaluations. we were warned that his delays could be far more severe then they actually seem to be now. there is no syndrome. no autism. we are blessed, not more then if he had been diagnosed with one of those, just differently. he has delays he can overcome.

and tonight we saw him take a step in that direction. he colored an easter picture. he showed his daddy. he did it.

"i did that."


The Murphys said...

I'm so happy for you! I got all teary when I read this. I can only imagine how thrilled you were to hear those words.

Michelle and Eric Williamson said...

Yay Will!

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