Sunday, May 9, 2010


... Never fried. Unfortunately, you cannot have it "your way". Well done is the only way these burgers come. :)
"I better put you down sweetie. Papa is grilling." Papa
"Do you know what you are doing?" Riley

"Blake, rare or well done?"

"Looks like it is going to be well done."

"Want me to get some water, Dad?" John
"We don't need any water, John. I'll just turn it down." Dad/Papa

"Maybe you should get some water, John."

"See, everything is good." Papa
"Oh No!!!!" Will

"It looks like it might be hotdogs for dinner."

"Maybe I should cook them." John
It went something like that.
Blake could tell this was going to be good so he grabbed the camera and shot a play by play.
I was inside helping mom. John came running in for water. Mom handed him a cup. He asked for a bowl. :)


Grace, Hope and Joy said...

This had Danny and I cracking up. =D

Aislynn said...

I love it. I was cracking up. Your dad's face is priceless.

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