Saturday, June 26, 2010

103 Degrees

It was a hot day today. We spent the morning at ALL ABOUT KIDS...
Will and Riley were in heaven!
Emery dutifully sat in the stroller - She is such a sweetheart!

Surely it will be cooler by 5pm!
It was 103 degrees when we pulled into the parking lot.
We were already there, Will was already asking for "aminals",
and Emery had had enough car seat.

Zoo members got a sneak peek at the new polar exhibit! It is still pretty unfinished, but the seal exhibit is all done! The kids loved it - and it looked great!

For $4(I had a coupon) we all got to ride the tram!
They adored it and we actually rode a few trips around... Ate our snacks, attempted to keep cool.
(which was totally pointless)
I was a TERRIBLE mom and forgot a sippy cup for Emery!
(She hasn't been using 1 for long.)
Em was a trooper and quickly adapted to the straw! It was her first taste of juice and I believe that provided the necessary motivation. :)
Does she look hot or what?
What a precious smile though! She never fussed or cried a bit...
Thats baby #3 for ya!
We have had such a crazy few months and still have plenty of work to do on the house, but we were feeling that the kids were being a little neglected - So today was NO work and ALL play! I don't know if they enjoyed it more or Blake and I did.
All 3 kids basically FELL into bed tonight - And I am pretty sure that their mommy and daddy will do the same!
What wonderful children God gave us - We are so blessed!

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