Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Trip In Pictures...

Ok... So there may be a little narration.
We visited family in Florida last week - Then visited a hotel with an AWESOME pool.
Enjoyed no work or computers and lots of family time.
I am not sure we came back more rested(traveling with 3 kiddos and off schedules), but we certainly came back happy!

This is how you travel with 3 kids. One parent holds the baby and the dad and uncle get to watch dvds with the older 2! :) Paul flew down with us.
Our first day in Florida was a "Lay grandma's sod day"... :) Guys were thrilled! My aunt and cousin had done all the hardwork before we got there.

My mom and her big sister, Cathy.

Great grandma Claridge and the kiddos

4 Generations of Ladies

That was one crowded back seat!

Mom and Dad at dinner - Rainforest Cafe

She seriously LOVES these sunglasses!

Who cares what the hotel room looks like?
We go for the pool!

These 2 LOVE one another!

Had lunch with the Elieff's before heading home.
Our waitress got tired of bringing Jeff refills. :)

Same for Paul :)


Aislynn said...

Are the Elieff's in FL now? BTW, I'm diggin' the shades on Riley, LOL. Precious!

The Murphys said...

What hotel did you stay at?

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