Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Ring Family Update

It has been awhile since I have given a thorough update of our families happenings... So here goes!

Blake - He just recently turned in his first draft of his prospectus! It will probably take a few re-writes, but just the relief of having it turned helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Blake has become somewhat of a yard boy! :) We have grass now. Or at least weeds. We are hoping for grass next year.

Will - Will is still progressing in his speech. He has a wonderful speech therapist named Mary Ann. He loves her. She is a little older, but sweet, gentle, and very quiet spoke. I wanted cry after first meeting her because she was exactly what he needed! He asks to play with Mary Ann several times a day. He loves animals - asks to go to the zoo several times a day as well. He enjoys coloring, playing with playdoh... Oh! And he began Awana at church last week! Can you believe it? Pre-school is coming slow, but we are working at it! :)

Riley - Our big girl is talking in several word sentences. She is spunky. She is entertaining. She plays by herself(something her brother never did)! Riley is sleeping entirely in a big girls bed and not once has she gotten out when she wasn't supposed to! We are working on breaking the paci during wake time... TOUGH! I am loving that Riley loves to dress up. She loves for me to fix her hair or spray a shot of "hairspray". She carried purses around the house and brings me her babies to swaddle and feed. I can already imagine myself telling her to "slow down" and "don't grow up too fast"... She is going to be my helper.

Emery - She is almost walking! She walks behind those push toys :)... She is sleeping pretty well! Well, mostly through the night. :) We just can't seem to get that one right. Emery is incredibly good natured! She smiles all of the time. She crawl follows her big brother and sister around all day. Unless Mimi is in the room. She is TOTALLY obssessed with MIMI! And Dad. She loves her daddy. Considering I have her all day is I really am not too dissapointed that Mommy is 3rd pick. But bedtime... At bedtime she wants Mommy. Right now I am the only one she will go to bed for without screaming. Makes me smile just to re-read that.

Lydia - Me... I am working on pre-school with Will. I am terrified to begin potty-training Riley. And I am trying to figure out how to convince Emery that the church nursery is not a terrible place! :) Still struggling some with my blood work - b12, hemaglobin, and iron storage have begun dropping a little. Nothing dangerous. Just trying to figure out why. They have me on some meds to try to fix it and I've been terribly sick on them. 2 more weeks is all! My husband and mother have been so gracious and caring the past 5 weeks - Mom helps up basically all week and Blake handles alot during the weekends.

Well - Thats our exciting life! :)

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The Petty's said...

I think you and Blake are doing a great job. Married for 5 years and 3 children.. Most would be crazy.... Trust in the Lord...He will lead you..... Believe me, the dirt and dust will be there long after the kids are gone. Enjoy them and each other. God bless.

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