Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

We recently had new family photos made for our holiday cards! Shutterfly it is! I print all of my photo books through them. Summer vacations, recaps of the year, birth books for the girls, and a book from our trip to Guatemala to pick up Will. I've also printed 1st year birthday invites and holiday cards through Shutterfly! I have a little southern in me, and I LOVE personalized items... stationary, cups, bags, and jewelry. Shutterfly had it all!

Here are a few cards in the running for this year!
We have so many photos to choose from and this would make it easy! Order this one here!

What a breath of fresh air... A Christmas card that is actually about the true meaning! Order this card here!

I love the religious theme and the bright colors! Our basement christmas tree will have the same colors as this card!

This would be the perfect place to share one of our new family photos! Want it? Buy it here!

Have a blog? Visit this site! You could get 50 free holiday cards!

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