Tuesday, December 28, 2010

15 Months Big

Emery's 15 month check up came a mear 5 weeks after her 12 month so not 2 much has changed! :)
WEIGHT: 21.5 - 40%
TALL: 29 1/2 Inches - 25 %
Sweet girl actually lost weight from her last visit, but I told them that between a wk long virus, double ear infection, and a desire to walk/run everywhere I wasn't surprised. I am continually asked how old she is when I allow her down to walk in public - She is so petite! Emery is morphing back into the sweet content infant we fell in love with! The last few weeks she has begun to actually play kitchen, push her baby in the stroller, and follow her big brother and sister around. She continues to smile often and laugh easily! I am continually amazed at the goodness the Lord has bestowed upon me by allowing me to be her mother!

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