Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emery Ann

Emery's 1 year check up was a bit late. :)
2 Months to be exact.
Here are her stats:
21 pounds 9 ounces (50%)
28 3/4 inches (25%)

Sweet Em is a short little thing! :) People regularly exclaim "She looks to little to be walking!" and are surprised when I share her age with them. Emery Ann is eating basically anything and everything. She has wanted to do whatever her big brother and sister do for a long time, which includes eating... So meat, fruit, veggies... sweets. :) She eats it all. The fact that she has only 4 teeth kind make it tricky sometimes, but she manages. Emery is walking well. Even running a little. :) She loves to play with kitchen goods - bowls, spoons, wisks. She is going to be whipping up some wonderful culinary masterpieces in a few years I believe. Emery can say "Mama", "Daddy", "Papa", "No", "More", and "Mine". :) Add in "Mimi" with whom I am sharing my name with at the moment and she could get basically whatever she wants! :)

Emery has been a little tough last 2 or 3 months. Ok. VERY tough. Something about not wanting to have to touch the ground. Ever! I am praying it is a phase and she that she will be growing out of it shortly! VERY shortly! But when she is in a good mood - She is delightful! She smiles easily! She laughs, she chats, she cuddles on your lap to read a book! I feel so very blessed to get to spend my days with this precious girl!

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The Rogers Family said...

Not to give you bad news, but Brennan (our 3 year old) still wants me and only me all day long. I LOVE that little fella, but it can be very exhausting, so I feel your pain.

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