Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giving Some Dead Space A Purpose...

I have no idea what this cubby was built for.
With the sockets in the MIDDLE of the wall I was thinking that perhaps there was a fridge there.
I have been thinking about this space for a few months, trying to decide what the most practical use for this space would be. I needed a solution for our muddy shoes so that we weren't stomping up our carpeted stairs. Hence, I have decided to create a little mudroom/cubby!

My mom and dad were at IKEA today and she called to tell me that they had found a bench that was perfect - Which basically meant that it was going to fit my narrow little cubby!
I told her to write down the info, thinking that I would go back for it in a month or so... She called a little bit later to tell me that my sweet Daddy had purchased the bench for me!

I plan on putting a cushion and some pillows on the bench. I am also planning on a few hooks on the walls for our everyday coats!


The Fitzgerald's said...

That's looks really good!

Anonymous said...

Perfect fit! I love the decorating posts - they are filled with lots of wonderful inspiration.

Leah said...! What great parents you have... :)

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