Monday, January 31, 2011

A Peek

Here is a quick peek into my everyday! Video and Pictures from my cell phone, so please forgive the poor quality!
I love my family... My parents love us and would do anything for us. Even run around the pool table, over and over and over again. Even my baby brother Paul got involved this afternoon!

Well... His sister gets to wear them.
We have explained to him that boys are not princesses.
He just happens to like pretty crowns.
Enough said. :)

 The girl wants to be like her big sister and dip everything!
That is ketchup all over her face.

This is why I have multiple children - So they can feed the baby!
Totally joking! :)
It is a bonus though!

My mother and I hung this on the wall...
She mainly did. I served as the man power.
But I was pretty proud that we tamed the beast of a TV Mount!

Shepherds Pie
Just like my Momma used to make.

For him. For her. And her...
And me!

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