Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Surprise Visit

Jess, Emily, Me
Our friends Ryan and Emily Mcbride moved to TN in October. Man, do we miss them! Blake and I have known them for years. Before they had kids. Before they were married. Before they were dating. Jessica, Emily, and I served alongside our husbands in the college ministry at Ninth and O for years and a deep friendship formed.

In January, Jessica, myself, and our friend Leah decided it was time to see Emily's pretty face... So we coordinated with Ryan to surprise his wife with a visit. Unfortunately, Leah's daughter ended up very sick the day before our trip and she didn't get to go.

On Friday, Jessica and I loaded up and drove the 5 hours to Elizabethton, TN and walked into Emily's house before she knew what to think...  We're girls. Tears and hugs and "What are you doing here?"... We got to hold her precious 3 month old girl Macy whom we had never met and play with sweet Perry who had grown so much! And then Ryan played hero and took care of the kids for the evening and Jessica and I wisked Emily off for about 4 hours of italian food, coffee, shopping, and non-stop TALKING! Then we hung out all morning and played with kids before visiting their new church(reason for move) and had lunch before we had to head home.

The 10 hours of conversation with Jessica was treasured and spending some precious time with Emily was so needed.

PS - So thankful for Blake who played hero to me and Mr. Mom here in Louisville!

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