Thursday, February 3, 2011


Made this wreath in one evening a few weeks ago.
I needed something to welcome our friends for those winter months that come after Christmas!
Oh, and I totally stole the idea from my friend Leah!

 I purchased a foam wreath from the craft store. I had the green yarn forom a craft for the girls room(another post to come soon!) so I used that to wrap it. WARNING - This is a little time consuming! You can do it haphazard with no method or you can do it like OCD me... STRAIGHT AND EVEN! :) Allot an 1-1.5 hrs for this.
Then I created the flowers and hot glued them on! A few of the flowers r fabric and a few are felt... Some browns, yellows, oranges, and purple pulled from the fabric.

It helps brighten up our drab front door! Perhaps I might give our door a makeover this spring!

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