Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What To Do?

I am very pleased with the direction our bedroom has taken.
It still needs a few knick-knacks... A throw on the bed. I'd also love a bench in some funky print at the end of the bed.
But what is REALLY bothering me is this blank wall!
What to do?

Idea 1:
Love this blog and this addition to Me Oh My's bedroom.
I'd love to use silhouettes!
 Idea 2:
I'd have loved to have used a huge sunburst mirror over our dresser, but the necessary size was cost prohibiting.
Is this the wall?

Well? What do you think? There are a million other things I could do.
Photo wall?
Pretty prints?


Michelle and Eric Williamson said...

We have a bunch of prints above our bed. I scattered them in no particular order.

Anonymous said...

What about something like wall decor.


It isn't photos or colored pictures, but does give a wall a little something extra! - Jessica Caraway

Aislynn said...

Wedding Photo?

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