Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Comfy Chair and Tulips

"A house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless."
May Sarton

This little vase of wooden tulips is that worn, comfy chair for me.
It has survived 5 moves, though not without injury.
See that purple flower?
It used to be the same highth as the other 2.

I brought this vase home from a trip to Amsterdam with my daddy. The city was our first stop on a 10 day international trip...
Amsterdam, Jordan, Israel.


That trip is one of my most treasured memories.
I was only 13 yrs old so I did not treasure it then as much as I should have... But I remember the front of the home Anne Frank
and her family hid from the Nazi's in.
And there really are little villages with
bakery's and docks with sailboats.

My favorite sight was the very place I bought these flowers.
There was a very old, family owned cheese factory.
Ask me anything. I bet I remember.
There were windmills. Actual windmills!!!
And tulips... LOTS of tulips. Fields of tulips!

And my Daddy... I got to do it all with my Daddy.

I want my home to feel comfortable. I want it to feel lived in.
I want the pieces, the knick-knacks, to tell a story... To have character.

When I look at my daughters' dresser I see that little flower vase and the memories come rushing back...
One day I will be taking it down and letting the girls hold it as I tell them stories about how our hotel had no air conditioner or that the garbage men had been on strike for weeks before we got there. {smelly}

I smile everytime I glance at them. I have held those tulips hundreds of time. They are faded and broken, but treasured.  I find them comforting... Just like a comfy chair.

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