Thursday, March 17, 2011

Winter Will Not Last Forever

What do you do when the sky is blue and so clear there are not even clouds?
What do you do when the weather is so warm you turn your air on for a minutes to cool down the house while cooking dinner?
What do you do when you have 3 kiddos who have been couped up inside so long I can't remember when the last time was that they were REALLY tired?
You play outside!
It was just the glimmer of hope that we needed...
Winter will not last forever.

Will in his Irish shirt straight from Ireland - Thanks Gigi!
Oh, and his paper airplane. He is basically obsessed with these.

I seldom catch her looking at the camera and smiling...

This girl has a love affair with her "Mimi"...
I was so sick for weeks after she was born that my mom did alot for her
and we believe that it where this relationship started.

Even with the Louisville game on, these kids were able to grab their Papa's attention.
Need I even mention how solemn dinner was after that game?

This was Will's face after I tried to explain away the dead bird we found in Mimi's backyard.
I caved and told him Mimi threw the bird over the fence cause that's where his nest was. :)

Someone was feeling left out of the race...

Even Mimi got in on the chase while at Southern Seminary tonight.

The girls always seem to get scared when the big man starts running after them yelling.
Even if that big man is daddy.

I love his love for our children.

I have yet to meet a son more in love with his daddy then this boy.
And I am pretty sure this daddy couldn't wish for a better break from his writing.
Oh, and the kids were exhausted by bedtime tonight. :)

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