Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Spackle A Hole

There was a huge towel bar in our first floor powder room.
It really wasn't necessary since all that needed was a hand towel.
When we removed it before painting the room, there were several ugly holes in the wall.

My mom gifted me with many do it yourself tricks - One of which is spackling a hole.
Here is a quick run through...

Purchase your spackle... Only a few bucks and can be found at even Walmart or Target.

Glop it on with your fingers and press it into the holes.

Take a damp papertowel and do a quick, low pressure wipe across to clean off the excess.
Don't press too hard.

You can sand it down if you would like it a bit smoother.
We just painted right over it with our new wall color and you don't even notice it!
Go forth and fill all those holes that you strategically covered with frames!
(Now, I need to go to town with that spackle in my girls room. Hung some branches and left about 20 holes! :)

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