Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Emery!

God's plan is always so much better then our own. For instance, this little curly haired beauty was not originally part of our plan. What a precious gift she is to our family. I remember very clearly how thrilled both Blake and I were the night we discovered I was pregnant.
 Her pregnancy and delivery was difficult and scary(coming 4 wks early)... The outcome far more precious and sweet then I could have possibly imagined!
 Emery Ann turned 2 on September 28. We celebrated a night early. After grilling out and eating cupcakes she got to open her presents. It was precious... the first time she has really acknowledged that she understands she is receiving a gift and been excited about it. Out of all the gifts her favorite was a sticker book. She moved stickers from page to page for an hour straight!
 Emery is such a wonderfully, joyful child. She talks. Oh, she talks. In her squeaky little voice she says, "I did that!" "Hold you." "I luv you." "Lets watch t.d."(tv) "Read me a book" "I went poo-poo."(Potty training is high on my to do list)
 Our sweet girl loves to sing. I can imagine how much God must be smiling while listening to her rendition of "Jesus Loves Me".... And her run. She swings her arms to hard she has literally knocked herself over. I cringe everytime she takes off running, for fear this will be the time she injures herself!
 Emery will make a wonderful mommy one day - She adores babies. Carries around baby dolls and wants me to swaddle them. Perhaps she will be a chef. Emery loves to be in the kitchen while I cook dinner - She stirs and mixes along with her mommy.
 My favorite things about Emery? She has a sensitive heart. So soft! She apologizes quickly and easily and often without being told to. Emery loves her brother and sister. So, so much! She wants to do everything they do. She wants to be everywhere they are. I love it. And people. She loves people. She wanders the halls of church saying, "Hi guys!"
2 years ago Blake and I were sitting in the special care's nursery staring at a little 5 lb bundle attached to a bunch of machines. Before we had even held her in our arms, she captured her mommy and daddy's heart. I mean, have you seen those big, brown eyes? :)

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