Monday, January 23, 2012

The Evolution of a Toy Corner

Our home's living room has become our families toy room... It is a slow evolution, but I'm starting to become quite happy with the direction it is headed.

April 2010

May 2010
The bookcases were a housewarming gift build by Blake's grandfather. Custom fit to the corner and baseboards.

January 2012
I'm not ready to share the entire room, but this corner is close to being finished.

 Most of these frames have been laying in a pile in our basement since we moved into our home in April 2010. The photos rang from family photos 2011, Disney World 2011, a few snapshots I took, and the white frame is photos from our wedding rehearsal.

 I love this art. I should, it took 13 hours to complete. :)
Everyone should have a friend that will stay over till after midnight 2 different nights because she is a much better stenciler then you are. :)

A tutorial will be coming...
Wall Color: Eddie Bauer Wicker
"R" Initial Print & "Grateful" Print: JDC Monthly


Mark Majewski said...
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Mark Majewski said...

I love this! We have the same layout in our living room, is there anyway I could get the dimensions and size of the cubbies? I have someone who will make this for me.

PS- using my husbands gmail account since I don't have google account.

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