Sunday, September 16, 2012

33 weeks

This last week only consisted of 2 Labor and Delivery visits! :) We went in for our weekly ultrasound on Thursday where they picked up an elevated heart rate on baby b. It stayed elevated for about 20 minutes as they finished the scan and kept coming back to give our girl's heart a little check. Off we went for a non-stress test where both girls heart rates had a baseline of about 150 so we were in and out in about 2 hours.

Thursday evening we stopped to pick up the kiddos at mom and dad's after the visit and while there baby a flipped head down. That evening contractions picked up some, but the most noticable change was the pain. It increased tremendously. On Friday, it was the same issue. More regular contractions and an increase in pain when I had them. I called my doctor and asked if I could just come into the office to be checked, but she sent us back to Labor and Delivery. No dilation progress, but good, hard contractions were about 5-6 minutes apart and I was experiencing several smaller ones in between. Dr. Thomas is pretty committed to keeping these girls in as long as possible, so she had them administer a shot to slow them down... Brought them back to about 10-15 minutes apart... Where they have remained.

I hit 34 weeks on Friday. A huge gift from the Lord. At our visit on Thursday, my doctor told me she wants to hold off on a scheduled c-section(baby b is still breech) until 37 weeks. I never, ever thought we would ever even need to discuss that! I was a little bit too shocked for any discussion at that point... But I am hoping that we can discuss it this week. I have developed Pupps rash(I think) on my arms. The change in babies positions has left me almost physically unable to stand/walk. Contractions have remained pretty painful. Oh, and I am up between 6-8x a night to use the restroom. :) I am praying she'll take mercy and deliver at 36 weeks.

The Lord has really been so good to us. While we have had 10 Labor and Delivery visits for different things in the past 4ish weeks, the fact that we made it this far before the chaos started is amazing! Especially with a previous preemie delivery. All the bags are packed. And sitting by the back door into the garage.

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