Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's Going Into The Girls Bag - Take 2

*It has taken me until my 3rd pregnancy to learn how to pack efficiently and thoughtfully for the baby... babies arrival(I still do that all of the time). I  finished up the bag this weekend and thought I would share a detailed account of all that I chose to pack. 

I finally decided on a diaper bag! 
Since this will be my last diaper bag purchase, I decided to get what I really wanted...

Blake and my Dad are slightly concerned about mixing the girls up. :) I am too concerned with just having them, but could see where I might be concerned after they are no longer inside of me. Here are a few solutions... Oh, and I am actually sending Blake - today - for 2 different color nail polishes. Their first pedicure is coming early! :)
anklets: etsy
hats: etsy
monogram on onesies: a friend (e-mail me for her info!)

These soft nightgowns and blankets are the first thing I want to change them into to! Along with a personalized hospital hat. :)

Poor Riley. It never crossed my mind to pack anything for hospital photos. Honestly, when she was born, the hospital photos were nothing to put in a frame. By Emery, I packed an outfit, but they were still the basics and we just ended up having photos taken after leaving the hospital. But now... Well, the photographers take adorable pictures!
Bloomers: The Poke A Dot A Shop
Felt Headbands: Etsy
Rosette Headbands: Etsy

The day after our gender reveal ultrasound, Blake's parents kept the children for a few days. We snuck away to St. Louis for what will probably be our last trip in for a while! :) These were the very first matching outfits we purchased. 

This is more for carrying medicine(tylenol, gas drops, oragel), but I threw it on top because it was just too cute! :) My girls have NEVER taken the hospital paci's... My mom has gone out and purchased several different kinds after both deliveries. Since the AVENT paci's won out for both, I just went with that brand this time. *Fingers crossed!*

All of the clothing is in newborn sizes. (All of our kiddos have needed newborn clothes for at least a few weeks so I recommend perhaps some sleepwear and a few onesies at least.) I am aware that they will probably swallow our girls, but I didn't want to purchase any preemie clothes until they were here and we knew exactly what they weighed. I will probably also need to have a few more outfits brought to hospital for them since they will be born as preemies and most likely need to stay beyond the normal length of time. I just feel so much better when they are fully clothed with items that are theirs! :)

Notice I did not pack diapers or wipes or diaper rash cream... The hospital provides all of that!

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