Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We'll get back in the swing of things...

Eventually. Things are running far more smoothly in our house, but it takes a lot of time to run smoothly. :) I have boat loads of photos. My brain is full of thoughts and memories. I've actually experimented in the kitchen! But we need a few more months.

Every second of the day is busy. They are full of bike rides and family walks and the first day of school... But they are full. But it's a good full. We are close to our first full year as a family of 7... It's been a good year. A really precious year in which we have been more sleep deprived and overwhelmed then ever before, but we have slowed down and soaked life in all at the same time.

One day I won't be folding laundry at 11pm. One day I won't have a "to do" list a mile long. One day I won't be trying to figure out how many times we can have spaghetti night in a week because it's the quickest meal to fix. I'm not complaining... Really I'm not. Because I have treasured this time.

I want to blog again. I want to post my memories so I never forget(I do that a lot right now). But I learned to simplify this past year. I learned to prioritize and while I thought that blogging was worthy at the beginning of the year, I was wrong. Those 30 minutes on the couch with Blake catching up on our dvr before we decide to turn off the show halfway through and go to bed... That time is important. It might be all we have the energy for, but it's time.

The twins turn one soon. I hope to blog about it.

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