Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I feel that by the time November hits, the next 2 months just fly by, so Blake and I sat down last night and came up with our advent list. We have always thrown one together last minute, but wanted to be really organized and do it well this year since our eldest are reaching an age where we are making memories... My Pottery Barn Kids advent calendar got eaten by a mouse - literally - so this year we are going to try a DIY! This is my favorite idea:

The Ring Families Advent List:
1. Decorate Christmas Tree
2. Put Up Outdoor Christmas lights
4. Christmas Themed Candy
5. Go See Nutcracker In A Nutshell
7. Take Money To A Salvation Army Coin Collector
8. Christmas Themed Candy
9. Christmas Pizza for dinner
10. Hang our stockings
11. Make Christmas Cookies
13. Read Christmas Books With Fire And Hot Chocolate
14. Christmas Themed Candy
15. Start Advent Candles
16. Lunch/Dinner At Old Spaghetti Factory With Carriage Ride
17. S'mores
18. Christmas Movie Night - Popcorn / Hot Chocolate
19. Homemade Christmas Cards For BFG teachers / Neighbors
20. Bake For BFG Teachers / Neighbors
21. Christmas Themed Candy
22. Look At Christmas Lights With Hot Chocolate
23. Make Happy Birthday Jesus Cake
24. Collect 1 Toy A Piece To Donate

*These gifts/activities are not yet organized by date. I hope to have everything organized and purchased for before December so I can hang everything up ready to go!*

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